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DOD Recruitment Database

FAQ: You and the DOD Recruitment Database

Why should I care if the DOD creates this recruitment database?

Without your knowledge or permission, the Department of Defense (DOD) funded a data-mining project under the direction of the Joint Advertising and Marketing Research recruiting database project. Data-mining allows computer networks to whisper to each other about how best to recruit you into the military.

How can this be true?

There is no law to prevent the DOD from contracting with Benow a private direct marketing firm, which has been acquired by Equifax, to compile, process, and distribute information on 30 million 16-25 year-olds living in the United States.

How could the DOD have any information on me without my permission?

Regardless of whether you are in high school or college, there are many sources of information on you. If the answer is yes to any of the following questions, you have told others a great deal about you: Have you ever filled out a survey? Have you provided information to others in hopes of receiving a scholarship? Have you been invited to include your name on a list of distinguished students graduating from High School? Have you entered a contest? Many of those who have collected this information from you can sale that information to others.

What is the name of this DOD recruitment database?

The project is called the Joint Advertising and Market Research Studies or JAMRS recruiting database.

What are some of the other sources of information in this DOD data-mining project?

The largest sources of information for the database come from the High School Master File, the College Students Files, and the Selective Service System.

Why haven't I heard about this before now?

You have not heard about this until now, because two years ago when the DOD began work on this project they ignored the Privacy Act Law, which required that they give 30 days notice before beginning the project. The DOD delayed telling the public about this project until a Federal Register notice published on May 23, 2005

Why is this happening?

The DOD faces difficult challenges to recruiting for military service, and this is seen as a way to recruit more young people.


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