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DOD Recruitment Database

FAQ: What sources of information make up the database?

Who is supplying the information used in the DOD database?

The largest publicly known sources of information for the database come from the High School Master File, the College Students Files, and the Selective Service System.

Are there other sources of information for this database?

Yes, the DOD Database recruitment project has purchased list from two data brokers: American Student List and Student Marketing Group.

What are data brokers?

Data brokers are just what the name suggests. They are companies or businesses, which trade in information on consumers. Their existence has largely been hidden from most consumers until recently when Choicepoint one of the nation's larges data brokers disclosed that it had sold personal information on consumers to identity thieves.

Are American Student List and Student Marketing Group good data brokers?

Both of these data brokers have faced action by the Federal Trade Commission or the New York Attorney General under charges of engaging in deceptive practices in collecting data from students.

What did the Federal Trade Commission do?

The Federal Trade Commission found that American Student List mislead students when it conducted surveys by claiming that the information would be used for education purposes and later sold the data for general commercial uses.

What did the New York Attorney General do?

The New York Attorney General sued Student Marketing Group for collecting data under false pretenses. The state of New York charged that Student Marketing Group established a non-profit subsidiary that would represent itself to teachers and students as surveying students for scholarships and financial aid opportunities. Student Marketing Group would then provide the information obtained from students to direct marketers.

What other plans does the DOD have for their recruitment program?

The Joint Advertising and Market Research Studies or JAMRS recruiting database project also plans future lists that are not covered by the information the DOD has provided to the public. A JAMRS presentation shows plans for "medical list" a "prior service list," and an "educator list".


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