FCC Commissioner Meets with Privacy Coalition

Left to Right: EPIC Scholar in Residence Len Kennedy, FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks, and EPIC President Marc Rotenberg

On Friday November 1st, FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks met with the Privacy Coalition and EPIC Scholar in Residence Len Kennedy moderated the discussion. Starks discussed a broad range of topics, including election security and broadband privacy, and asked consumer groups about their top priorities. Law360 reported on the meeting.

Panel with Mary Ross (CA), Christian D’Cunha (EU), and Caitriona Fitzgerald (US)

On September 11, 2019 the Privacy Coalition hosted a panel with Christian D’Cunha (Head of Private Office, European Data Protection Supervisor), Mary Ross (former president of Californians for Consumer Privacy and coauthor of the California Consumer Privacy Act), and Caitriona Fitzgerald (EPIC Policy Director). They offered their perspectives on privacy developments in Europe, California, and in Congress. 

Meeting with UK ICO Commissioner

Steve Wood, Deputy Commissioner of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, met with the Privacy Coalition on December 7, 2018. He outlined the ICO’s approach to strategic investigations, including the political data investigation into Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, and how the office plans to tackle the risks arising from new technologies such as AI.