EPIC has launched the #EnforceTheOrder, @FTC campaign to urge the FTC to enforce the agency’s consent order with Facebook. March 26 marks one year since the FTC reopened its investigation into Facebook. 

This is how you can help:

Tweet about why FTC enforcement matters to you and include: #EnforceTheOrder @FTC @facebook

Tweet #EnforceTheOrder at the FTC Commissioners: @JoeSimonsFTC, @FTCPhillips, @chopraftc, @RKSlaughterFTC, Christine Wilson

Need some help with language? Feel free to use the Tweets below:

  1. Enforcing the 2011 consent order matters to me and the 87 million other @facebook users whose information was compromised after Cambridge Analytica. #privacy #EnforceTheOrder @FTC
  2. “The FTC is firmly and fully committed to using all of its tools to protect the privacy of consumers. Foremost among these tools is enforcement action against companies that fail to honor their privacy promises…” – FTC’s Tom Pahl, 3.26.18. Time to act, @FTC! #EnforceTheOrder
  3. The clock is ticking @FTC! Enforce the 2011 Consent Order against @facebook! #privacy #EnforceTheOrder