September 2012 Privacy Coalition Meeting

Our speaker was William (Bill) Binney is a National Security Agency (NSA)whistleblowers who worked at the agency for decades. He worked at the for almost forty years and along with J. Kirk Wiebe developed a revolutionary information processing system called ThinThread that they believe could have detected and prevented the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But NSA officials ignored ThinThread in favor of Trailblazer a much more expensive program that not only ended in total failure, but cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Post-9/11, about a decade ago, he and Mr. Wiebe retired from the NSA and began to speak out about the NSA wrongfully applying a component of the ThinThread system to illegally spy on the private communications of U.S. citizens. We also heard from Edward Hasbrouck who gave an update on the State Department’s revival of its proposed passport forms.

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