Miriam Nisbet Discusses Government Openness with the Privacy Coalition

Miriam Nisbet the Director of the Office of Government information Services for the National Archives spoke to the Privacy Coalition about the work of the office to provide the public with greater transparency on the work of federal government agencies. The Coalition also heard fromThomas Tamm, the former DOJ Lawyer who exposed the illegal government massive warrantless  wiretapping program on the subject of FISA reform. Tyler Moran, Policy Director, National Immigration Law Center, briefed the Coalition on proposals for E-Verify a Department of Homeland Security project to screen applicants and existing employees against government databases. There are accuracy and privacy rights issues with the current proposal. Chris Calabrese, Legislative Counsel with the ACLU discussed Biometric National ID as part of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposals. Digital biometric identification systems are being discussed as a way to manage access to societal benefits and services. There are accuracy, reliability, integrity, privacy, and security challenges to using biometric ID systems.

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